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25 11 2009

Aida by Verdiaida 255x255

11th November 2009 – 10th December 2009, at the Arts Centre, State Theatre.

Presented by Opera Australia.

Grand opera does not get much grander than Aida. So when one of Australia’s true visionaries, Graeme Murphy, directs a new production of Verdi’s epic tale, it is an occasion not to be missed.

The King’s daughter Amneris is in love with Radamès, and hopes they will marry. Radamès, however, is in love with her Ethiopian slave-girl, Aida, and she with him. Is Radamès and Aida’s love great enough to betray their countries?

Verdi’s thundering choruses and spine-tingling arias, combined with an outstanding cast and the theatrical magic of Graeme Murphy resulted in a sell-out season in Sydney. You can see why when one of the world’s favourite operas comes to Melbourne.

Dates & Time:

11, 14*, 17, 21, 25*, 28* November
1, 4, 7, 10 December

7:30pm, except 21 Nov 1pm

* Free Opera Talk


Evening: $229 / $168 / $118 / $102 / $55 Matinee: $218 / $160 / $112 / $97 / $55


Cosi fan tutte by Mozart

Cosi Fan Tutte

19th November 2009 – 12th December 2009, at the Arts Centre, State Theatre.

Price Range: $55 – $229

Presented by the Opera Australia.

The School for Lovers

It’s a simple story. Three men, three women and three questions. Are all women fickle? Are men any better? Is there any such thing as true love? Mozart’s delicate and sensual score sounds exquisite while asking all the hard questions.

Jim Sharman’s exuberant new production features a hand-picked cast of young Australians including Hye Seoung Kwon, Sian Pendry, Henry Choo and Luke Gabbedy as the quartet of lovers, and is performed in lively new English translation.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through innocence, experience and sexual intrigue in this very modern interpretation of one of Mozart’s classics.

Dates & Time:

19. 21. 24, 27* November
3, 5*, 9, 12 December
7:30pm, except 12 Dec 1pm

Running time (approx): 3 hrs (inc 1 x 20 min interval)

* Free Opera Talk


Evening: $229 / $168 / $118 / $102 / $55 Matinee: $218 / $160 / $112 / $97 / $55


The Harry Harlow Project

26th November 2009 – 5th December 2009, 7.30pm, at the Arts Centre, Fairfax Studio.

Price Range: $23 – $28

Presented by FULL TILT at the Arts Centre in association with Insite Arts.

The Harry Harlow Project is theatre based on the life and work of one of the most controversial scientists of the 20th Century.

Harlow was the first psychologist to explore the nature of love, and his groundbreaking work with baby rhesus monkeys brought him fame and acclaim in the scientific world. However, as his own personal struggles took hold, Harlow’s experiments into the darker side of love became more and more macabre and disturbing.

How do we reconcile that his work became the foundation for everything science now accepts about child-rearing, neglect, child abuse, and depression?

This premiere production explores this man and his work by creating the laboratory inside his head. This is where his ideas, emotions, memories, ethics, insecurities and demons reside and conflict to create the work that has been the source of so much benefit, consternation, admiration and hatred.

Written and performed by James Saunders | Directed by Brian Lipson | Sound Design Kelly Ryall | Video Design Martyn Coutts


Revolutions: Great Classics Concert 6

Stephen Kovacevich

28th – 30th November 2009, at the Arts Centre, Hamer Hall.

Price Range: $30 – $125

Presented by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Brahms’ extravagantly beautiful piano concerto is the most expansive work of its kind in the regular repertoire. Where Brahms thought of the symphony as a vessel for rigorous formal argument, he gave himself more room to be rhapsodic in his writing for solo instrument and orchestra, hence this concerto’s wonderfully dreamy opening idea for the first horn and the magically serene Andante.
Webern created his six musical epigrams when he was in his 20s; although written for a large orchestra, they often feel like chamber music and, in their concision, evoke Schoenberg’s words about Webern, that he could “express a novel in a single gesture, a joy in a single indrawn breath.”The best way to listen to Beethoven’s Fifth may be to forget that it is a classic of Western art as imperishable as Michelangelo’s David or a Rembrandt self-portrait, and to approach it as its early audiences must have done: as an unprecedentedly compressed fireball of expressive intensity.

Stephen Kovacevich piano
Leif Segerstam conductor

Brahms – Piano Concerto No.2
Webern – Six Pieces for large orchestra, Op.6
Beethoven – Symphony No.5


Sat 2pm
Mon 6.30pm


Price type: Adult | concession | youthPremium:  $125 | $100 | $75
A Reserve:$100 |  $80 | $60
B Reserve:  $80 |  $60 | $40
C Reserve:  $55 |  $45 | $30


World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB) 2009

World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB) 2009

29th November 2009, 3pm – 9.30pm, at the Arts Centre, Hamer Hall.

Price Range: $25 – $55

Presented by Hoopdreamz.

International Dance Battle
500 urban dancers. 12 nations. 3 titles. All will descend upon the city of Melbourne, Australia’s arts and cultural capital, showcasing some of the most exciting and dynamic displays of Hip Hop dancing like nothing else seen in Australia.An annual event, the 2009 World Supremacy Battlegrounds is a platform for teenagers and young adults to shine and showcase their Hip Hop dancing skills, ranging from Popping, Locking, Break dancing, Funk, Krump dancing, and even the incorporation of Hip Hop with traditional dance such as Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, and interpretive dance.

This epic Urban & Hip Hop showdown will see some of Australia’s elite street dancers pitting themselves against some of the world’s best. Features global challengers from Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, USA, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Canada, with defending champions coming back from New Zealand.


3pm – 9.30pm
Running time: 310 minutes with 2 intervals


Premium $55 Adult / $45 Child/ $ 190 Family of 4
A Res  $45 Adult / $35 Child /  $ 150 Family of 4
B Res $35 Adult / $25 Child / $ 110 Family of 4** Please Note:
Designated Childrens’ Performance. Children under 2yrs free if sitting on parents laps.

Tickets on sale to the general public at 9am on 1 September 2009



30th November 2009 – 19th December 2009, at the Arts Centre, BlackBox Theatre.

Price Range: $23 – $28

Presented by the FULL TILT at the Arts Centre in association with The Hayloft Project’s.

An irreverent renovation of the Immaculate Conception

In a recognisable modern world of lounge rooms, food courts, bus stops and dinner tables, divine impregnation is the last thing you’d expect. B.C. depicts Mary, still living with her parents, as a young hairdresser with a romantic interest in store clerk, Joseph.Mary has complex connections with her family.  Her relationship with her father borders on taboo, there is the strain of her mother Anne’s cancer treatment fraying the maternal bond. Mary gives her honest, sisterly love to Gabriel, her mentally disabled brother who paints his own landscape with avian fantasies and abrupt tracts of ultra-violent reverie.  The family argue over feature walls and accept each other’s many failings just like many other families… until Mary is arrested by a higher force. Her life will never be the same again.

Written by Rita Kalnejais.