This week at the Melbourne Recital Centre!

25 11 2009
Kelvin Cruickshank – Soul Food Show

28th November 2009, 7.30pm, at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Elisabeth Murdoch Hall.



Kelvin Cruickshank


With the outstanding success and popularity of Channel 9’s award winning series “Sensing Murder” Kelvin has been literally swamped with people wanting to see him. For this reason he has introduced a series of exclusive evenings that will help to reach out and touch more people at once. These evenings will simply be Kelvin working with spirit. Kelvin will read as many people as possible although we do not guarantee he can read everyone.
Price $82.50

The Dance of Design: Explorations and Expressions

28th November 2009, 7.30pm, at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Salon.

The Boite in conjunction with Ojas Desai presents The Dance Of Design.

Design or Ordered Expression permeates life. It is what makes Communication Intelligent and Beautiful. From expressing outside one’s body through the medium of Graphic Design to an internal experience of body design i.e. Dance begins a journey that marks an artist’s return to her cultural roots, symbols and world-view. Through a presentation in the Mohini Attam dance form, Miti Desai will share her journey from Design to Dance.
Miti Desai, Click for Biography
1hr 50min concert duration (inc interval)
Prices: $40 -$45